AI Photo Generator

Useful and Creative

AI Portrait Generator: Transform selfies into captivating art effortlessly. Swap faces for creative marketing and publicity.

All-in-one Photo Editor, Collage Maker and Graphic Design App, made for everyone.

Collart empowers you with all the right tools to create beautiful digital art and share them limitlessly.

Everyone can be a designer
– Unleash your artful side with Collart today!

Rich, Customizable Layouts and Templates

Choose from over 100+ stylish layouts of different shapes & sizes to design beautiful photo collages. Just import your images and reposition them in your layout of choice.

Powerful Material Store For Vector Graphics, Icons and More

Spruce up your graphic design! Be spoilt for choice as you browse through our extensive library of 1000+ unique stickers, backgrounds and filters for design inspiration.

Magical Cut-Out Feature

Cut out elements in your photos easily by tracing with your finger or using various cropping shapes cut-outs. You can create transparent elements from your photos at the touch of your finger.

Remove Background in a Touch

AI-powered magically removes the background from photos with a background eraser, allowing you to create transparent background from the main subject in your photos with high precision and accuracy.

Flexible Freestyle Mode

Move, drag or duplicate photos, stickers and texts to wherever you like. Change the backgrounds and filters freely – make your collage and design truly yours.

Awesome Fonts and Texts

Collart houses over 100 colourful fonts and a toolkit for you to create your own fonts. Pick one that best represents your design, or create your own style of calligraphy on your iPhone or iPad!

Photo Adjustment Toolkit

Exposure, contrast, saturation, vibrance, warmth, tint, shadows, highlights, fade, sharpness and blur. We only ask for your keen eye for details; all you need to do is slide the adjustment bar.

Massive Photo Filters Library

Pick the best photo filter to showcase your image from 200+ fabulous preset photo filters, with an adjustment bar to increase or reduce the filter intensity.

Selection of Blending Effects

Elevate your graphic design and collages. Choose from over 20 blending effects, to create an easy overlay design or illusory effects in your work.

Photo Editing


Enhance and make your photo look even better with Collart Photo Editing.

With our comprehensive toolkit of photo editing functions, you can literally make a splash and add colours to your photos.

Crop and resize your photos easily with our basic photo editing features.

Add some flair to your photo editing with more technical photo editing tools such as adjustment of exposure, contrast, saturation, vibrance, warmth, tint, shadows, highlights, blend, fade, sharpness and blur.
Creating stunning photos on Collart is easy and right at your fingertips.

Photo Collage


We make the process of creating a digital photo collage as simple as importing images into Collart.

Tell your story and document your intimate moments with easy-to-use and fully customisable layouts and templates, with aspect ratio that is optimised for sharing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

If you’re the type to work on a blank canvas, create your own ‘freestyle‘ collage on our intuitive collage maker app.

Add stickers, fonts, transparent vector designs from our extensive material library to create your masterpiece.

Graphic Design

can be a graphic designer with Collart. Gone were the days of extensive and complicated design software and platform. Collart scales down to the essential editing functions, and a little more.

Create digital graphic designs with our extensive material library, fully customizable templates and easy importing function to get to work. We only ask for your keen eye to details and creativity.
Leave the rest to us; you do not need professional tools such as Photoshop to get the job done!

Free — Forever

No sign-up or membership required!

Collart is totally free to use, with premium features and full usage of resource library available on paid subscription basis.

Remove Background for Free
500+ Free Layouts
300+ Preset Filters
100+ Free Templates
500+ Free Stickers
20+ Free Doodle Pens
300+ Free Backgrounds
10 Free Text Fonts

Collart+ Subscription

1-week plan
Billed Weekly

1-year plan
Billed $54.99 Yearly

First to Know Exclusive NEW Features
Remove Background for Free
Photo Blending Function
500+ Layouts
300+ Preset Filters
300+ Premium Templates
1000+ Premium Stickers
50+ Premium Doodle Pens
300+ Premium Backgrounds
300+ Premium Text Fonts



Photo collage maker is a great way to showcase your pictures easily. User friendly and takes only minutes to make picture compilations. Highly recommended!


Wooow this app is what I need!!!!Now I can prank my friends. u can even replace the background with the pics you have on your phone!!!!!!!And redo or erase the parts you don’t want to be included while putting the background or not


I only found collart today ăfter going through quite a few others. It's fantastic! The tools are brilliant, you can erase or recover and I just love it.​