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Collart Photo Studio

Collart is a simple to use photo editor, sticker maker, collage maker and creative design app made for all graphic design needs on iOS devices.

We’ve helped with design and editing to million of users around the world, giving them the freedom to express magic and beauty through art.


Our free photo editing app on iOS comes with various photo filters, effects, community-made stickers, templates and so much more.


With powerful tools to empower to create beautiful things, you’ll feel inspired to create limitless designs with Collart.

Best Features To Get You Hooked


Once you start using Collart free photo editor and collage maker, you’ll not stop!

The app is user-friendly and comes with intuitive interface that will turn your images from simple to sleek in seconds.

Create and compile all your favourite moments together with different collage styles, or do it freestyle! With beautiful templates, cute stickers and trendy free stock photos, you’ll be able to curate memories you cherish dearly with our free collage maker on your iPhone or iPad.

Let Your Creativity Run Wild


Be inspired to create beautiful edits. At Collart, we curate and share the best ideas that are fresh, trending and interesting.

You’ll get inspired to create stunning edits and collages on Collart!

Make full use of our extensive library of resources, from fun stickers, collage templates, filters and more – editing has never been so fun! Collart free editor app is truly made for the community.