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Make It Fresh and Exciting

Ever had a situation where a photo turns out to be bad because of the background? It’s a common scenario, and you’re not alone on this! What if we tell you that you can easily change the background of your photos on your iPhone or iPad easily? Collart photo editor app comes with background changer feature that allows you to remove background easily, and change it up with the various backgrounds in the app. From textures, gradients to your own photos of places, you can do it so easily in seconds. Have fun with this function by playing with the different themes – from holiday hotspots, to tessellated patterns, Collart’s resource library has it all. If you need a professional formal photo, you can also change it to a white background easily. This tool allows you to create stunning and enticing social media content, making them stand out from the crowd. There’s definitely one background you’ll love on Collart.

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Change Backgrounds Instantly

Running out of content and graphic design ideas? A change in background almost certainly always does the trick. You can change background to match the new trends or festivities, so that you or your brand remains at the top-of-mind. A fresh background design will also literally make heads turn, giving attention and eyeball to your photo. You can keep it simple with a solid colour background, or keep it fun with a smooth gradient color change. Scroll through the long list of free and premium background find one that suits you. Otherwise, feel free to import your own background, and adjust the layers accordingly! It’s easy to change background of photos on your iPhone or iPad, and Collart provides the best tools for it.

Optimize for Social Media

The best social media strategy in the world? Optimizing content for each social media and their platform attributes. To start, you can do so by adjusting the platform’s ideal aspect ratio photo dimension. For example, a Facebook cover photo will not fit the same way as an Instagram post. Post instagram posts are optimized to be square (1080×1080) whereas Facebook cover photos tend to be narrow and long. Follow these hard rules can be tough, as social media changes so fast and easily. It’s easy to optimize your social media content on Collart background changer app. Just simply choose the ‘Size’ of your image under ‘Layouts’ or from the get-go. This will ensure that your image, however you design it, will keep to the correct and optimized aspect ratio before posting. Keep it in proportion, so that important parts of your image will not be cropped off unsightly as a result of auto-cropping or repositioning. Once your photo is resized, it is ready for sharing on social media, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more!

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Edit Photo Background to Perfection

Need a little refinement to remove your background? Even AI makes mistake sometimes, particularly for the more complex images. Collart background changer tool comes with an Eraser and Add tool. It is easy to use – you just need to adjust the brush size of the tool to erase background further, or add back the background that has been removed. With the Erase and Add feature, you can create clean-looking transparent images, with precision! Forget the complex softwares that have been dominating the market. Collart can remove background easily in seconds, and add a new background just as fast. You just need to explore, get familiar with the app, and you will be a master of Collart photo editor app in no time! Let’s see what you will create with Collart background changer!

How to Change Background of Your Photo?

● Tap on the “Background” option at the bottom menu
● You can select different options – Colors, Gradients and other Backgrounds to easily add your project.

Color: To fill the background with color.
Gradients: To fill the background with a mixture of colors.
Basic: You will get Basic and mainly used photo backgrounds.
Dreamy: Here, you will get several designs of clouds with different colors to add as background.
Liquid Watercolor: Here, you can find different watery backgrounds with a variety of colors.

● After changing your background, click on the “✔ “right top corner to get back to the main editing screen.

If you get a premium access of Collart Plus photo editor, you can also choose from a wide selection of customized backgrounds of Collart, which are aesthetically pleasing and impressive.