Background Remover

collart free background changer app background remover

Remove Background In Just One Tap

Quickly remove background of images on your iOS device, with this easy-to-use app on iPhone and iPad. It’s so easy creating photos with transparent backgrounds.

AI-Powered Background Remover

Removing background from your photos can be a difficult and time-consuming task in the past, especially if you are not skilled in photo editing software. Unless you are a Photoshop expert, you might have taken hours just to remove background. We’re in the future now – removing background and creating transparent images is as easy as just a touch of your finger. With our Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, the Collart Background Remover tool automatically identifies what is the background of your image, and removes it for you. With AI technology, it improves itself over time, being able to identify complex backgrounds, and retain small details and elements when removing background. This task that used to be difficult to achieve is now a reality for all, and the best part – it is completely free for use on Collart. You can remove background for free on iPhone and iPad with this single app. Just think of what you can do to images with transparent backgrounds!

collart free background changer app background remove
collart free background changer app background remover

Create Transparent Backgrounds

With our AI background remover, you can create a transparent background in just mere seconds. Our AI technology removes your background, but you have the ultimate control – you can adjust the intensity, softness in the background removal process, or use the brush tool to remove or add back parts of the image that has been removed. With a transparent background, you can create collages, or change background of your current image, creating even more opportunities for content creation. Collart photo editor has a range of free and premium background images that you can use for to change background of your transparent image. From thematic, seasonal, gradient, patterned or plain background, you will be spoilt for choice with photo editing on Collart. We don’t know about you, but a sky with pastel hues sounds like a beautiful profile photo opportunity!

Blend Your Background

Got a beautiful change in background? Use Collart photo editor full suite of editing tools to enhance your work and design. Adjust the objects in your foreground to fit with your new background, and adjust the photo settings by toggling with the intensity bar. Darken, lighten, increase exposure, add shadow… Collart offers you the tools to bring out the best in your photo edits; you just have to focus on creating the masterpiece. Our tip – experiment with Collart, the best photo editor on iOS, and produce professional shots and images without having to learn complicated software that are expensive and hard to use.

collart free background changer app remove background
collart free background changer app remove bg

Add or Erase Background With Precision

Collart background remover tool also comes with a brush tool, that allows you to erase or add background with precision on your iPhone or iPad. Sometimes, for the more complex image backgrounds, some parts of the focal subject may be removed by the AI technology. You can use the brush tool to make the outlines more precise, eliminating unwanted shapes, lines and onjects in the background. With the background eraser, you can also edit parts of the images that you want to have a clear background. For example, a doughnut may be identified by the AI to be a circle object; you can use background brush tool to erase the hole in the middle, or add background that has otherwise been erased during the background removal process. This way, you can create high quality and accurate images without background.

Make a Sticker From Your Picture

You can turn images into stickers by removing background from them. Most popular ones are the WhatsApp or Telegram stickers. It’ll be funnier if you could customize them, right from your iPhone or iPad. Use Collart background remover to create transparent background, and add funny texts or combine with other sticker vectors on the app to create your own unique stickers. For marketers, you can easily create branded or corporate stickers for your company. For individuals, you can fully customize and make memes out of your loved ones’ photos. Just remove background of the photos you want, and upload them onto the social platforms to create funny stickers that are truly yours.

collart free background changer app transparent image

How to Remove Background of Your Photo?

● Tap on “Remove BG”
● Import the photo you want to remove background from
● Our AI scan will automatically detect the background and remove it
● You can adjust the intensity
● Under the ‘Scissors’ function, cut out background by tracing with your finger or Apple Pen, or by cropping into shapes.
● You can adjust by tapping on “Erase” or “Add” for background that is removed by mistake or overcropping/undercropping
● After you’re done, tap on “✔” to get back to the main editing screen.