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Crop Images in an Instant

Use Crop tool for your desired photo aspect ratio in mere seconds.

There’s no shame in cropping your images. Even the best of photographers do it. By cropping images, you get to focus on the main subject in the photo, creating a central gaze to your image. If you need an app to get it done on your iOS devices, try out Collart photo editor and collage maker app! Collart free photo editor allows you to crop images into aspect ratio you want. In just a few taps, you can crop out the unwanted subject in your photos, creating a stunning and focused frame. If you love sharing photos on social media, crop to the best aspect ratio optimized for most of the main social media platforms. The composition, focus of your photo and framing is within your control.

What is Cropping?

Even the professionals sometimes need to crop their photos to perfect it. The act of cropping is to remove the parts of the image that is not needed, reducing the overall size, shape, framing and composition of the shot. For example, an image with too many bare and white spaces may look weird and empty. With cropping, you can cut out objects, empty spaces or background noises. This will help in directing the viewers to what you want them to focus on! With Collart cropping tool function, you can do all that at the touch of your finger, on your iPhone or iPad.

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Cropping is Totally Free!

Collart free cropping tool allows you to produce photos of great framing and composition in seconds. But here comes the best part – the cropping function on Collart is absolutely free! You do not need a membership or sign up to start cropping your images on Collart. It does not cost you a thing to crop with Collart editing tools. No need for complex software or tools; you just need one app on your iOS devices that can do everything for you. You can get your photo cropping done for free, and move on to the next task on your list!

Up Your Social Media Game

Looking for a social media photo editing and collage making app? Choosing the wrong tool may take you precious hours to figure out. Luckily for Collart, the iOS app is easy-to-use with intuitive and user-friendly functions for your photo cropping needs. One thing that sets it apart from other apps out there is the read-to-use preset templates for social media platforms – think Instagram (stories, posts, highlight covers), YouTube (banner, cover photo), Facebook (post, cover or stories) and much more. You can use one image for all of your social media channels’ needs, without having to switch different apps. This will allow you to create specific and optimized dimensions and aspect ratio. When you’re done, Collart saves your edits, allowing you to come back to it when you are looking to change them in the future.

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Perfect Cropping for Professional or Personal Purposes

Working on a close-up shot of a product, or a fun photo with your friends? Cropping is the easiest and one of the most necessary part of photo-editing process. To crop on Collart photo editor, all you need to do is to upload the photo you want to crop, and resize or reposition the image placement until you are satisfied. Remove empty spaces, crop out distracting elements, and create an eye-catching and focused photo. With Collart’s free cropping tool on iOS, you can turn landscape photos into portrait shots, and create the perfect profile photo for your social media accounts.

Cropping in High Quality

Are you afraid that cropping will affect your photo quality? You will be relieved to know that Collart allows cropping that maintain the resolution of your photo, keeping the quality of the original photo. No more fear that you will get a low resolution photo at the end of your photo editing process because of cropping on other free tools on the internet.

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One Click to Crop Photos

Save time with photo cropping straight from your iPhone or iPad. You can manage all your photo cropping needs with Collart photo editor app in just one click. Import the photo you want to crop to the app, and choose the preset templates. You will be spoilt for choices on the various ways you can crop. Adjust, resize and reposition your image to the templated dimesion accordingly, and you’re good to go!

How to Crop Photo For Free?

Cropping By Freestyle
● Tap on ‘Edit’ to import the photo you’d like to crop.
● Under the various photo editing tools, scroll and tap on ‘Crop’.
● Adjust the crop by moving the white corner edges of the crop tool or select the preset aspect ratios.
Cropping by Adjusting Size
● Under the ‘Size’, select the aspect ratio you prefer.
● Image will be cropped to the aspect ratio size.
● You can reposition or zoom in on your photo to crop further.