Add Doodle Brushes to Your Photo Collage Essential List!

Add Doodle Brushes to Your Photo Collage Essential List!

Our new DOODLE BRUSHES feature will enhance your design on Collart photo editor and collage maker! Please update to the latest version of Collart on the App Store to get the doodle brushes feature on your app.

Today’s design is all about creativity. As amateurs, we cannot create artworks with magic paintbrushes like artists do. However, we can recreate their style with a super easy, 100% zero-basic tool – DOODLE brushes! This is a new feature we have launched on Collart photo editor and collage maker, making it easier to add details or enhance your work on the app. You can create beautiful photo collage on your iPhone or iPad for free!

The infinite power within this new little doodle brush tool will overturn your imagination and explode social media. Let’s explore the many ways you can let your creativity run wild with the doodle brush.

4 Styles to Design with DOODLE Brushes

1. Body Outline

You know what is the most trendy effect nowadays? Body outline! You can either choose a smaller size solid line brush to make a delicate outline of your pronounced facial features, much like the Disclosure’s debut album cover art. This is great for selfies, making your normal photos pop with nice sketch/design style.

photo collage editor doodle brush

You can also use a dotted line to outline the object you want to highlight. Just a few strokes with Doodle brushes and you can find that it really enhances your photo, making it trendy and more innovative, versus a simple selfie or #OOTD.

photo collage editor doodle brush outline

2. Neon Spiral

Neon spiral must be the staple on other design apps and they are generally a premium feature, which can cost a lot of money in subscription fee. But in Collart, you can create it for free with DOODLE brushes in just a few steps and some attention to detail. Adding neon spirals to your photos create a comic-looking feel, making the photo fun and wacky. Here’s how you can do it yourself.

photo collage editor doodle brush neon spiral
  • Choose ‘Neon Brush’
  • Draw spiral lines deliberately around the object
  • Choose eraser tool and wipe out the unnecessary part
  • Enjoy your awesome work!

3. Tap to Decorate

Must we swipe the brush to make awesome photo collages? Of course not! Sometimes a single tap can be equally magical.

photo collage editor doodle brush speckle

Bubbles of different sizes made from the solid line brush are powerful enough for decorations. Colored dots created with the Color dot brush will also make your plain white background more stunning. This creates beautiful speckles in your images, with a minimalist approach. All your creativity is at your fingertips!

4.Write down your thoughts

photo collage editor doodle brush design ideas

Tired of those dull print fonts? Then write down, instead of typing down, what you have in your mind. Let your words become the unique and irreproducible work of art! This adds more layers to your photo collages, making your work more interesting and visually appealing.

Use Doodle Brush on Collart Today!

There’s a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is truly the case, then a photo collage is probably worth all your thoughts. Just a few strokes with Doodle brushes and you’ll be surprised by the effect it can produce and bring across to your audience.

Whether you want to showcase your own social brand, design something for your own keepsake or memory, make the most out of your photo collages with Collart today. Download Collart iOS today, create your own photo collage and try out the new doodle brush feature. We can’t wait for you to express your creative design with Collart photo editor and collage maker on your iPhone!

App Store collart remove background photo editor pic collage app

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