100 Wedding Wishes to Write in Wedding Cards

Looking for wedding wishes to write in a wedding card? Weddings are a celebration of love between two people. It should be joyous and memorable. People that are invited to a wedding are generally happy. They feel the love and joy of the couple. Aside from that, if you got invited to a wedding, you must be an important person to that couple which makes you special.

You might have already decided on the gift you are getting for the couple, but it is good to have a card with your gift to tell your message. There are so many wedding wishes that you can put. You can be serious, funny, or witty when sending them a card with wedding wishes. A couple that will receive a personalized message from you can make them feel special.

100 Wedding Wishes For Wedding Cards

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If you are thinking about what type of wedding wishes to write in a wedding card, here are some wedding wishes ideas that you can use. 

  1. Wishing you a lifetime of wedded bliss
  2. Congratulations to the two of you
  3. I am very happy for you!
  4. I am delighted to celebrate this day with both of you 
  5. May both of you become better friends through the years and share the happiness that this life will bring
  6. I hope that this union will bring so much joy to your life
  7. May you have all the love and happiness in the world
  8. May your love for each other keep growing forever
  9. This is the start of forever for the both of you
  10. Here’s to a happily married life journey
  11. May your love for each other be strong enough to weather all the storms of life. 
  12. Keep the love burning brighter every day as you grow old together
  13. May you constantly experience joy and happiness
  14. Marriage is the new chapter of your lifetime adventure. Happy Marriage!
  15. May your future be filled with joy and laughter
  16. Today marks the day of your forever. 
  17. It is joyous to see two people become one
  18. Wishing for your marriage to be long and happy one
  19. Hoping that the bond you made will only become stronger every day
  20. This is the beginning of your happy life together
  21. You are finally getting hitched.
  22. This party is the best party ever. Happy wedding day
  23. Fall in love many times with each other, even in difficult times
  24. Tomorrow, the hard work starts
  25. The booze selection in this wedding is the best. 
  26. No one has figured out the secret to a successful marriage, maybe you will be the first one. 
  27. Here’s to signing away your freedom.
  28. This shouldn’t be the only happy day of your life. Create more happy memories. 
  29. Are you sure that you both know what you’re getting into? Congratulations on getting hitched
  30. Love unconditionally
  31. Seeing both of you made me believe that true love exists. 
  32. I hope that your future will be filled with fun memories. 
  33. Stay in love even when everything change
  34. Today embarks your union.
  35. Let your love be the focal point of your relationship
  36. I wish that you always find hope, peace, and joy in each other’s arm
  37. Lucky are the people who find another person to love. 
  38. May your home be filled with laughter, respect, understanding, and faithfulness
  39. Hoping that you will not wrestle with each other after tonight. 
  40. Marriage is a sign that you can annoy each other, legally
  41. I am so happy that you finally found your soulmate
  42. Wishing that you will have an everlasting union
  43. Here’s to many more years of togetherness
  44. Keep the love burning
  45. All the best in life today and always
  46. It is my privilege to witness this union of love. 
  47. A unity of two loving souls is so good to watch
  48. May your heart has found its home now
  49. Here’s to a more exciting future together.
  50. Thank you for making me part of this special day
  51. Best wishes from today and beyond
  52. It is such an honor to witness your union
  53. Enjoy every minute of married life
  54. Hoping for a long and happy married life
  55. Sending you all my well wishes
  56. May God bless both of you and your union
  57. Keep God in the center of your relationship
  58. May God grant you a lifetime of blessings and happiness
  59. Your faith should be the strongest foundation of your relationship
  60. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for both of you.
  61. May God bless your new journey together
  62. May God enrich your lives and deepen your faith and love throughout the years. 
  63. I am happy that both of my friends have found each other
  64. Always bring happiness to each other
  65. It is good to know that my friends have found somebody to love and care for.
  66. Wishing you trust, patience, and understanding in life
  67. I am thrilled to celebrate this wonderful day with you
  68. Thank you for giving me a chance to be part of this big event of your lives.
  69. Congratulations on finally marrying the man/woman of your dreams
  70. Do not let anything stand in the way of your love
  71. May you always keep the love burning to light your journey
  72. You always have my support from today and always
  73. You both are proof that following your heart can lead to something beautiful
  74. Always remember what brought you two together.
  75. Focus on your love for each especially when things get difficult
  76. Your love for each other can conquer anything
  77. Respect your union and that will make things fall into place
  78. Love is all that matters
  79. The connection you share should be unbreakable. It should help you overcome anything
  80. Put humor on your marriage. Laughter can keep your marriage alive. 
  81. Put your marriage first
  82. Always make time for each other
  83. Congratulations on making your sweet dream come true
  84. Never forget what this day feels like
  85. True love will be your guiding light throughout this journey
  86. The both of you deserve the best things in life, that is why you found each other
  87. I wish you every happiness in life can bring
  88. Welcome to the family
  89. You are a good fit in this family. Congratulations
  90. It is an honor to witness your vows for each other
  91. Here’s to a better life together
  92. Congratulations on your wedding day, you are truly made for each other
  93. It is a delight to see the union of two friends. 
  94. Stay in love wth each other and remember to have fun
  95. You two look incredible together
  96. Not all people can find a perfect person to share their life with. Happy that you have finally found yours
  97. A wedding is the start of something beautiful. You have started a beautiful journey together. Congratulations. 
  98. Here’s to your new adventures as husband and wife
  99. Thank you for sharing with us your joy and love
  100. I couldn’t be happier that you have found each other

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