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How to Design Free Customized New Year Theme Stickers

How to Design Free Customized New Year Theme Stickers? The New Year is almost here, and we can’t wait! As we approach the end of another year, many people are looking for ways to celebrate the coming New Year. If you’re looking for a fun and festive way to celebrate the new year, consider designing free New Year theme stickers!

There are a lot of benefits of designing the New Year theme stickers. They promote creative thinking and allow you to unleash your artistic nature. Greeting someone with a creative New Year theme sticker is definitely cheerful than boring “Happy New Year” text. By creating your own set of stickers, you can add images, personalize them and make them unique. You can even save money from buying a whole set of new year theme stickers from the Cloud store. It’s one of the best gifts to send to your friends and family! 

 In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create your free customized New Year Theme Stickers in just a few simple steps. So, let’s get started!

How to design a unique New Year theme sticker with Collart?

Collart is an iOS free photo editor with loads of features. Anyone can easily use it to create trending stickers like New Year theme and collages made up of your photos from Instagram or Facebook with a few quick taps on the screen! Most importantly, now you don’t need professional software like Adobe Photoshop or illustrator. Collart is an all-in-one app where anyone has access at their fingertips without having an expensive monthly fee.

Grab Ready-made New Year theme stickers from Collart library

Design Free Customized New Year Theme Stickers 1

Launch the Collart app and choose freestyle. A blank canvas will appear.

Design Free Customized New Year Theme Stickers 2

Import all relevant stickers for your design. Once you import them, start doing some basic fixes like crop rotation.

Design Free Customized New Year Theme Stickers 3

Tap on the background and choose the background color that puts an aesthetic touch on your sticker.

Design Free Customized New Year Theme Stickers 4

Add text and adjust the font size and background color scheme that match your stickers. Once it is done, do some final fixes by adjusting the size and rotating the direction.

Design Free Customized New Year Theme Stickers 5

Finally, tap on the top left corner to import it to your camera roll.

As Collart is simple to use, you can export your shot in only a few steps. Simply press the save to camera roll button in the top left corner. Make sure your photo is in the gallery on your iPhone.

The New Year theme stickers are now available for you to share with your family, friends, and teachers. This sticker is more creative because it was made by you and displays your imagination.

Create stickers with your own images

In this approach, you have more liberty to upload any photo on collart and turn it into a part of your sticker. It can be done easily with the background removal cutout tool. There is no need to mark the boundaries around your photo to cut the background Collart made it possible with a single tap.It is recommended to include images of fireworks, wine glasses, and a countdown clock that represents the new year’s theme.

Design Free Customized New Year Theme Stickers 6

This feature enhances the beauty and appeal of your stickers. The working method will remain the same. Simply upload your photo on Collart and tap on ‘Remove BG.’ Once it is done, tap on the top right corner, and your background is removed. Now, you can use this as a sticker for your New Year theme posts.

Start designing New Year theme stickers on iPhone

Why wait for 2022 arrival when you can impress everyone with your customized New Year stickers? If you, too, want the opportunity of sending new year wishes before January 1st arrives, then head on over Collart. What better way to ring in the New Year than with some fun new year stickers? It is fun and easy to design free customized New Year Theme Stickers with Collart free iOS photo editor.

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