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15 Top Logo Design Trends For 2022

Symbols play a vital role in anything, but logo design trends work better in it. Have you ever noticed that you’re able to recognize a brand instantly by simply looking at the logo, even if the brand name is not mentioned in that logo? Perhaps you can also guess the nature of the business by simply looking at the logo design for the first time. A logo is an influential part of every business, company, and other thing and plays a significant role in public perception. 

Logo design plays a vital role in many branding by making a clear and perfect image to the audience. The logo describes the face of a company. It is the first thing that your potential customer will see before purchasing from your brand because it is a point of recognition for clients and an essential foundation for your company’s branding. It is more than just a symbol for your brand. Hence it is necessary to get it right in its representation of what you stand for as a company. 

Tips on Logo Design

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Whether you are a beginner or a designer looking for fresh logo design inspirations, here are some logo design tips and trends to help you make great logos. Here are some suggestions for you:

1. A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

A logo plays a significant role in your brand or picture. So why not show people what you do instead of just telling them? Use simple icons to communicate with a customer. 

2. Utilizing Empty Spaces

Make sure that you have a space between your tagline so people can easily read your logo from a distance. 

3. Use Shapes

Using shapes in a logo is a great way to make your logo stand out. For example, if you design a logo for a Law Firm, then put the Law Firm in a separate box. You can achieve a professional look, and people can quickly learn about the service you are providing.

4. Enhance With Colors

The combination of colors plays an essential role in a logo. Use a mixture of vibrant and lite colors in your logo to make your logo more beautiful. 

5. Use a Single Font

When you start designing your logo, go for the fonts that are easy to read and take less space. 

6. Keep the Logo Simple

Try to keep your logo design simple to stand out. Use the icons of the services you are offering, simple fonts, and spacing to make your logo visible.

7. Have a Catchy Tagline

Choose a picky tagline for your brand that can attract people. It should be fun, short, and memorable.

Top Logo Designs Trends For 2022

Keeping the tips to create beautiful logo designs in mind, here are some of the top trends in logo designs that we think will dominate 2022 in graphic design aesthetics.

1. 3D or Isometric Logo Design

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3D logo designs trends on any occasion. 3D logo designs perfectly add depth to your logo and deep in your business; If you have a logo, add shading, highlights, and shadows to transform your logo into a modern cutting edge. 

2. Ink Style Logo

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Ink style logo designs are one of the trending designs that we are all sure to catch on. Ink style designs show incredible details and hatched lines which can surely make your logo stand out. 

3. Divergent Letters

logo design trends divergent

Use divergent letters in your logo, and your brand will stand out. 

4. Authentic Portraiture

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Using authentic portraiture is the best tip for logo design because people intuitively seek out other faces. People use portraits in logo design trends to make an emotional connection in design. One example is the ClubHouse app logo.

5. Symmetry Designs

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Maintaining balance is an essential principle of logo design, and symmetry is the most prominent expression because they are identical from each site. 

6. Characters in a Logo

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Using characters in a logo never gets old in logo design trends. Feelings are rising day by day because they represent witty concepts in a logo design. 

7. Wordmark Design

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The concept of wordmark only focuses and is used to write your brand name only. It is a simple yet elegant idea for logo design trends. 

8. Nature Logo Design

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Nature logo design trends always. It gives a sense of calm and harmony. 

9. Black and White Logo Design

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A classic black and white logo design trends in every brand. Classic black and white is the best logo design. 

10. Colors in Logo Design

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The mixture of colors and its combination is a sure-fire for logo inspiration. 

11. Modernize Symbols

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Logos always have a root in a symbol. Modernizing symbols is always a good idea for logo design.

12. Glitch in a Logo

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A glitch in logo design trends that things are chaotic and the usual rules don’t apply. Embrace it! 

13. Animated Design

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The use of animation in logo design trends is everywhere. Energy draws the eye and holds the interest, so what could be better than an animated logo design.

14. Gradients in a Logo

logo design trends gradient

Gradient coloring adds depth to a logo design idea and instantly creates interest and makes the logo dynamic. 

15. Analogous Colors

logo design trends Analogous Color

Get some logo inspiration from analogous colors. It has dazzling, Analogous color schemes that are revolutionary and subversive.

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